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Chicagó Pub

A la Carte

First courses, or the first tunes
Soups, or we do not leave you in the soup
Vegetarian dishes, or the victory of vegetables over meat
Salads, or uniquely with grape-stone oil
Pasta, pasta, but not paste…
Fish, or we are not fishing in troubled water
Poultry dishes, or here is the cream of the poultry-yard
Pork dishes, or variations for the success of the pigs
Beef dishes, or meet the red meat
Dishes for children, or dishes without a surprise
One Course dishes, or One for All, and All Eat One
Salads and pickles, or the traditional folk tunes
Garnish, or the dish is an agony without you
Sauces, or how to put a twist into the dishes
Desserts, or the suppliers of happiness hormones…
Grilled sandwiches, or classics in the rhythm of pop music!

Price of delivery in Szentes: 130 Ft/address