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Welcome to the Chicago Restaurant,
Billiard and Bowling Pub!

Szentes is a young city on the riverside of the Tisza. The grove of Széchenyi, surrounded by the brook of Kurca, gives the town a characteristic feature. This grove is the biggest park in Szentes and at the same time a botanical garden and a relic of cultural history too. The natural beauty of the rivers of Tisza and Körös, the rich flora and fauna represent natural endowment.
Which city is the following one? In this city the river rises in the lake and does not run into the lake. From here starts the famous and legendary Route 66, or in other words, the 'Main Street of America'. The metro runs above us. Al Capone became famous here. Moreover, this is the city, where you can find the highest skyscraper in America. Yes. This is the only one, the matchless, the incomparable Chicago. Chicago stands in the vicinity of towers, where the four winds meet.
Chicago is the 'Wild Onion'. Though, it sounds great and this is the original meaning of the word 'Chicago', it has not become widespread. The meaning comes from the Indian word sekagou', which is wild onion.
(The residents pronounce the name of the city this way even today.) The city is often called Windy City and not by chance, since it is widely open in the North. The wind comes from the Michigan Lake. In summers the weather is hot and wet, in winters it snows a lot.
Chicago is not only the city of crime and gangsters but it is a music centre too. A band of musicians from the city took the name ‘Chicago’ first, however, at the beginning their name was Chicago Transit Authority. The band was formed at the end of the 60’s. Their music is mainly based on blues and jazz, which were successfully mixed with stylistic characteristics of rock music. Interestingly, their first three records were double, while the fourth one was a quadruple. Consequently, their records took the name of the band and a Roman numeral in order. One of their unforgettable successes was the remake of ‘I’m a Man’, in which the style of the vocal is as amazing as the long solo of the guitar.
The leader musicians of the band were Peter Cetera (bass-guitarist, singer), Terry Kath (guitarist, singer) and Robert Lamm (organist, pianist). Other blowers made their music more interesting by their individual jazz sound. Lee Loughnane (trumpet, singer), James Pankow (clarion), Walter Parazaider (saxophonist, clarinettist). The drummer of the band was Daniel Seraphine.
As Szentes, Chicago and the Chicago Band are all special in some way; we also would like to give something special for our guests, both in the world of music and in the world of gastronomy.